#RewindWithOIAA- Throwback With KUMFA

Updates On The Programs And New Developments

No, nothing has changed.

Organization’s Fund Allocation Plan

  • We will use it for living expenses, utility bills, and hospital expenses for single mother families in emergency shelters.
  • We plan to use it as an educational expense for unmarried mothers’ self-reliance.
  • We are going to use it to improve the awareness of single mothers and their children.

The Impact Of Pandemic On The Organization’s Operations

  • We couldn’t hold a regular meeting between my mother and children, which is the most important schedule of KUMFA. There are many single mother families who are separated from the original family, so we have held regular meetings every month so that single mother families can help and interact with each other and build bonds. Not being able to see each other has made us emotionally difficult.
  • Many mothers lost their jobs because their children couldn’t go to school or daycare centers. So They fell into financial difficulties, and psychologically, anger and depression increased.

The Impact Of OIAA Campaign On The Organization

It became known to many people who didn’t know KUMFA, and within such a short period of time, receiving a really big donation is a great financial help to manageability.

Do You Know BTS?

Yes, of course I knew BTS. I thought BTS was too far away, but I felt that BTS was too close with this project. Through this project, I wanted to know more about BTS, and I got to hear and listen to music every day through YouTube. And ARMY’s activities and the process of working on this project are very touching and impressive, so I want to know more and continue to be with you.

Support KUMFA For OIAA’s Third Anniversary

  1. Visit the donation page created for the organization or scan the QR code on KUMFA poster. Donation Page Link: http://kumfa.or.kr/donation/
  2. Donate any amount (a minimum of $1)
  3. Take a screenshot and submit it on our tracking form (hide any personal information).
  4. Share the campaign with your friends and family.



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One in an ARMY


A BTS fan collective that focuses on charity based campaigns & projects. Like Artist, like Fan. I am ONE in an ARMY, & Together we can make a difference.