#RewindWithOIAA- Throwback With Goedgedacht Trust

For Seokjin’s birthday last 2020, we supported Goedgedacht Trust, a non-profit organization that runs programs for children in disadvantaged rural communities in the West Coast region of the Western Cape, South Africa. Goedgedacht Trust has organized projects to help in nurturing kids in their early days, preparing them for school, and making sure that they stay in it.

The organization’s work focuses on early intervention in children’s lives, preferably during the first 1,000 days. Goedgedacht Trust organizes projects to build on individual potential so that kids can enter the world as skilled people who are able to take up leadership roles in their own communities, breaking the damaging cycle of generational poverty.

To support their cause, over 976 ARMY came together and raised $22,763. The funds will be used by Goedgedacht Trust to help young people overcome hurdles, break the pattern of generational poverty, and work towards long-term sustenance for a life of fulfillment.

As we revisit all the organizations we have worked with in the past 12 months for our third anniversary, we decided to ask them a few questions. Let's check out what Goedgedacht Trust has to say:

Updates On The Programs And New Developments

Organization's Fund Allocation Plan

The Impact Of Pandemic On The Organization's Operations

The Impact Of OIAA Campaign On The Organization

Do You Know BTS?

Support Goedgedacht Trust For OIAA's Third Anniversary

  1. Donate any amount (a minimum of $1)
  2. Take a screenshot and submit it on our tracking form (hide any personal information).
  3. Share the campaign with your friends and family.

Follow the instructions and updates about our Throwback Campaign here.

We are completely aware that not everyone is able to contribute through a monetary donation, but your support, in any form, is significant to our campaign. For example, you can share our SNS posts to help increase the reach and visibility of the org amongst your followers. Find us on social media here: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, and Amino.

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