#KUMFAWithYoongi: in support of unwed mothers in South Korea

In his interview with Grazia Magazine, Yoongi said,

“The media chases after issues and sets up the standard of beauty as being dependent on how thin someone is. However, there are people on the other side of the world starving and dying because they do not have food to eat. There needs to be more attention towards that side. If I become an influential and honorable person, wouldn’t I be able to shift people’s attention to that side?”

Yoongi’s contribution to BTS’s music for the past eight years is a testament to the last line. Aiming to make music that will comfort and provide support to people in his own way, the artist has also inspired legions of fans to find causes they would like to support, launch campaigns and take active steps to help those in need — people who will not find a voice in the mainstream.

So, when we asked ARMY what cause they would like to support for Yoongi’s birthday in March, they chose “Marginalized groups support & Anti-discrimination” After a series of steps, One In An ARMY finally found Korean Unwed Mothers Families’ Association or KUMFA.

About the Issue

Unwed mothers in South Korea face several issues. The lack of governmental support, unnecessary bureaucratic barriers and societal stigma leave them with no proper help during pregnancy or childbirth, no financial support if they choose to raise their kids instead of giving them up for abortion or adoption, and causes them to experience social abuse.

As per the stats shared on KUMFA’s website, in 2019 100% of overseas adoptees from Korea were children of unwed mothers.

Lack of financial support from families pushes unwed mothers into poverty, with the situation only worsening as they find doors to employment closed as well. Children from unwed mothers are labeled as ‘extra-marital children’ during their birth registration, which doesn’t impact the mother and the child officially but still creates a space for isolation and prejudiced treatment socially.

About the Organization

KUMFA is an organization created by unwed mothers, for unwed mothers, to protect maternal rights and create positive awareness by providing educational, advocacy, and counseling support programs. The organization’s goal is to enable Korean women to have resources and support to keep their babies, so that both mother and child can thrive in Korean society.

KUMFA conducts meetings to help moms participate in educational lectures, exchange information, and create support networks. The organization also holds camps on major holidays to provide familial environments for moms and children during the holiday season.

In 2011, the organization opened HEATER, a shelter for unwed mothers to raise their children. Another HEATERwas added in 2018, enabling KUMFA to help more unwed pregnant women and mothers in need of residential space and emergency assistance. Since its launch, HEATER houses and feeds up to 30 mothers and their children. Mothers and their children can stay at HEATER for two months, or longer if necessary.

How to Donate

To support the cause and the organization, you can:

To learn more about the campaign: https://www.oneinanarmy.org/current-campaign

We are completely aware that not everyone is able to contribute through a monetary donation, but your support, in any form, is significant to our campaign. For example, you can share our SNS posts to help increase the reach and visibility of the org amongst your followers. Find us on social media here: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, and Amino.

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